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Planning to upgrade your home's exterior with a new landscaping project? People in the Baltimore County, MD area take pride in their lush, green lawns and this is easy to accomplish using the right materials. Whether you are starting with a large open space or need to freshen up certain areas of your lawn, a great option is to use sod. We have a unique climate that can put stress on a lawn, but at W & V Landscaping sod installation services in Baltimore, MD, we provide the sod varieties that adapt very well. Basically, sod is grass with a layer of soil beneath. It is held together with the root system, or sometimes by a sheet of biodegradable material. It is used on lawns for private homes, businesses and public facilities. It is grown and harvested a few months later, to be sold in squares or rolled lengths.

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Growing a lawn from seed can be costly and time-consuming. You must be willing to install the proper soil bed, manage the irrigation and contend with natural forces, such as the wind blowing your grass seed away or birds feasting on it. A huge volume of seed is required to grow a thick carpet of grass. It can be a frustrating experience to put in all that effort and literally end up with patchy results. W & V Landscaping sod installation services in Baltimore, MD can help you save time, money, and the headache of dealing with seeded lawns.

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Advantages of Sod

The most noticeable advantage of installing sod is an instant, lush, gorgeous lawn! There is no waiting for weeks for delicate seedlings to establish, or dealing with mud zones during inclement weather. W & V Landscaping sod installation services in Baltimore County, MD sod lawns are professionally grown, using the best quality soil, sufficient water and fertilizer, giving them stronger, durable roots. They require less weed control and less fertilizer once installed. The grass is dense, avoiding the need to reseed due to bare patches. The density prevents the germination of weeds. An added benefit of sod or turf grass is the immediate reduction of soil erosion. Grass binds to soil more effectively than any other plant and absorbs 6 times more moisture than the strongest wheat fields.

Things to Think About Before Installing Sod

There are a few things to note when getting ready to lay sod with W & V Landscaping sod installation services in Baltimore, MD like the current condition of the ground and the ongoing care. Although it requires less upkeep than seeded lawns, properly preparing the site for sod gives you a head start. The ground can be compact and hard, so you will want to break up and amend the soil first.

  • Clear the site of rocks and debris larger than 2 inches in diameter.
  • To prevent potential drainage issues, you can rough grade the area, sloping gently away from your home's foundation and filling in low-lying areas.
  • Break up the dirt with a rototiller, to at least 2 inches in depth.
  • Amend the soil by adding topsoil, improving its permeability and water retention.
  • At this point, you can add a base fertilizer.
  • Finally, lightly tamp or roll the ground to create an even surface.

It is also important to know how much sod you will need. W & V Landscaping sod installation services in Baltimore, MD can help you do the correct calculations. Once you are ready for the installation, we'll get it done in no time.

Caring For Your New Lawn

Installing the sod on the day of delivery with W & V Landscaping sod installation services in Baltimore County, MD is very important for successful establishment. It is living grass that needs water, nutrients, and air to survive.

Watering Requirements

W & V Landscaping sod installation services in Baltimore, MD recommends that you water your new sod within a half hour after installation. Apply enough to wet the soil 3 to 4 inches below the surface. Be sure to reach every part of the new sod, giving attention to areas beyond the reach of your sprinkler system. Be aware of sections close to buildings, since the reflected light can dry out the sod faster.

If you notice water runoff occurring, shut off the water and wait for up to an hour, allowing it to soak in. Repeat this process until you are certain the soil is adequately damp. W & V Landscaping sod installation services in Baltimore County, MD insists for the next 2 weeks, water up to 3 times daily to maintain dampness in the soil. If the weather is hot, keep this up for a few weeks. This encourages the turf to knit its roots into the new soil. Reduce the amount of foot traffic on the sod while its root system is developing. Continue to water the lawn weekly, or more often when there is particularly high wind or heat. It is preferable to water deeply each time. The roots will only grow as far into the soil as is the water supply. The more deeply the grass is rooted, the better it can tolerate periods of drought.


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