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Tree Service

For the average property owner, it can be tough to know when your trees are in need of a trim. And, aside from obvious reasons like the tree’s appearance, it can be hard to see why they would need to be pruned at all. But, there are plenty of ways that your trees can benefit from just a simple, fine pruning or an overall crown-reducing tree trimming service. Here are just a few benefits of W & V Landscaping tree service in Baltimore, MD.

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  • Proper trimming can improve the health of your trees by eliminating branches that are dead or dying. These branches are often dangerous, and removing them reduces the risk of harm to your family and damages your property. W & V Landscaping tree service in Baltimore County, MD will also prevent further decay.
  • Improves the overall appearance and structure of the tree, keeping it from developing broad or weak branches. Trimming prevents limbs from growing with weak crotches, or eventually crossing each other and competing for space in the crown. Preventative pruning and tree trimming with W & V Landscaping tree service in Baltimore, MD is ideal for tree health.
  • Trimming your trees with W & V Landscaping tree service in Baltimore County, MD will increase sun exposure and air circulation throughout the tree and underlying landscape, which will improve the tree’s health. Just be sure to watch out for signs of sun-scald, which often affects leafless deciduous trees in the winter time.
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Fall is typically a time when many homeowners choose to pare back dead branches, trim trees, and remove dying foliage. Lifeless limbs, in particular, can pose significant danger to both your property and your family members in the upcoming months, as the risk of falling branches increases as temperatures dip and winter storms approach. Tree removal, however, can make sense any month of the year. The tree care experts at W & V Landscaping tree service in Baltimore, MD has listed just a few of the many important reasons to consider tree removal in Baltimore County, MD on your property:

Dead or Rotting Limbs & Trees

Dying trees or lifeless branches can threaten roofs, power lines, cars, and people. W & V Landscaping tree service in Baltimore County, MD can assess your property and identify trees that should be pruned, braced, or removed entirely.

Impacted Foundation, Driveway, and Sidewalks

A tree’s root zone can be enormous. As it grows, it can lift and impair concrete structures on your property, leading to inestimable damage. W & V Landscaping tree removal service in Baltimore, MD can help you get rid of those pesky roots.

A Better View

Unsightly trees or overgrown branches can impede your family’s view of your residence’s natural surroundings. W & V Landscaping tree removal service in Baltimore County, MD will create more natural light for your home.

Improved Curb Appeal

An unattractive tree or even too much shade can undermine your home’s curb appeal. Our critical pruning or tree removal can greatly enhance the look and value of your residence. W & V Landscaping tree removal service in Baltimore, MD can create a more open and inviting look for your home.

The obvious benefit to stump grinding with W & V Landscaping tree removal service in Baltimore County, MD is that tree stumps are an ugly obstacle in an otherwise perfect yard. Toxic chemicals or burning can take years to break down a tree stump. Excavation of a stump will tear up the surrounding area and may pull up or damage utility lines. We have done multiple stump jobs for people with excavators and backhoes because they started digging them up and realized that they had no place to put all the stumps with their massive root systems. Even a small stump can take days to remove by hand and is very difficult work. With a stump grinder from W & V Landscaping, the same stump will be gone in minutes. When a stump is dug out, then there is a hole left to fill up. When we grind a stump, there are wood chips left to fill the hole in with.

Enhance the beauty and appeal of your lawn with quality tree care services from W & V Landscaping tree planting service in Baltimore, MD. We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial tree planting services. Our professional staff is always punctual. Get in touch with us today to discuss your tree planting requirements.


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